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Why You Should DIY Instead of Buy

You may have noticed blogs on the internet, YouTube tutorials, and pins on Pinterest convincing us that DIY (doing it yourself) is easy. So is it really worth it?

As an avid DIYer the answer is definitely YES! Yes, it’s worth the time, money, and effort to make your own body products. As consumers we pay a hefty price for brand names and fancy packaging. If you’ve ever read the ingredients on these products you would be shocked. How can manufacturers put these chemicals in our products?

Simple. The FDA (food and drug administration) allows for certain amounts of chemicals to be added to our products. These small amounts are deemed safe. What they don’t take into considerations is how often we use these products. For instance, deodorant and talcum powder are often used once or twice daily. You may be aware that women’s anti-perspirant contains aluminum, and talc in talcum powder contains asbestos. Using these items daily for years will eventually have a negative impact on your health. Linked to many cancers, it’s a wonder how and why these items are still on the store shelf.

This is where DIY comes into play. By making it yourself, you at least know, and have full control as to what goes into your item.

For years I avoided using any commercial products for fear of what was really inside them. If you aren’t afraid to spend a bit of time cooking up concoctions, and perhaps getting a little dirty, the DIY aspect is rewarding and a lot of fun.

The trick is not to be afraid, and bear in mind that DIY projects don’t look as perfect as  the tutorials.

Whatever you choose to do, make it organic, clean, and chemical free.



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