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Why Your Home Should Have These 4 Plants

Are you familiar with how useful house plants are to humans? For one thing, they help cheer up our environment by adding positive energy. If your home is stressful at times, try placing a plant in each room.

Plants are also vital in detoxifying our homes from common household chemicals. Commercial cleaning products release harmful chemicals in our environment which can impact your overall health.

They filter out toxins, purify the air, and provide oxygen.

Here are the top 4 plants recommended for the home:

English Ivy – This beautiful, dark, leafy plant is excellent at filtering out toxins. Place this plant in your kitchen, or family room.

Bamboo Palm – A beautiful, sturdy plant, which is helpful in removing toxins and chemicals from our environment.

Aloe Vera – Is soothing for cuts and burns, and is a great plant for the kitchen. Aloe Vera is a good indicator of how toxic your home is. For example; if the leaves begin to show brown spots, this can indicate your home is toxic.

Snake Plant – This thick leafy plant is best place in, or near bedrooms. It absorbs carbon dioxide as you sleep, thus releasing fresh oxygen.

Plants are beautiful, welcoming, and calming. Fill your home with more plants, and you’ll reap the health benefits!




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