Charcoal Bamboo Deodorant

A natural deodorant that keeps you dry and fresh smelling. Plus contains antibacterial and detoxifying properties. Made with Organic Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Organic Lime, and Charcoal Bamboo Powder. Goes on clear, will not stain clothing.deodorant

20 g tube $7.00

75 g tube $12.00


This deodorant really works! It makes me smell great and I have a lot of trouble due to hormones.  Amy Lynn (New Castle PA, USA.) 

As a fitness instructor I’m always trying new body products and have struggled to find a natural, heathy deodorant that can withstand my intense workouts. Pleased to say Lark & the Lotus deodorant has surpassed all others, and has a wonderful clean scent. Cathy T (Barrie, ON, Canada)