We offer both seasonal and unique collections. Check out what we have in store:

5 Thieves – Cold & Flu Collection- a combination of essential oils known for their virus
fighting abilities. Good for prevention and natural treatment.
Cold & Flu Salve $25
Immune Essential Oil Rollerball $12
Hand Sanitizer
Perfumes – Made with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils
You Design it – Custom made to suit you! $8
Perfume with Intention – What your intention? $8
Crystal Healing – Our certified crystal healer has formulated unique products with
positive vibrations and intentions.
Foaming Hand Soap 2 Pack –with crystal healing gem water. Available in (4) gemstones:
amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, and citrine. $12
Crystal Gem Essence – Oral tincture– available in (4) gemstones amethyst, rose quartz,
clear quartz, and citrine. Gem essence can improve intuition, spirituality, enhance yoga, meditation, Akashic records, and open the third eye. Contains alcohol. Can be made
alcohol free. $14
Chakra Healing Kit – specially formulated essential oil rollerballs that balance, energize, heal, and cleanse each chakra. Kit includes a comprehensive guide. $59