Gem Essence

Gem Essence, or gem elixirs are an effective way to capture the gems healing properties.

When the healing crystals are infused into purified water, they create highly vibrational water which can be taken orally, added to bath water, or sprayed in a room.gem essence3.jpg

As a certified crystal healer, I understand the benefits of crystals, and know which ones to use and avoid in gem essence.

We only use tumbled agate, quartz, citrine, and amethyst stones which are safe to be taken orally.

Gem essence can open up your third eye, help you connect with your spirit guides, give confidence, protection, and positive energy.

We offer the following essences: 1 oz bottle: $14

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clear quartz

Energy: balances and harmonizes the chakras, opens up the 3rd eye.

helps bring clarity to decision making, and gives peace of mind.

Inspire: opens up creative ideas, and calms nerves and anxieties.amethyst


Love: balances the heart chakra and opens up unconditional love.rose quartz