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Floral Crystal Water Room Sprays: Made with local organic flowers, Gem essence, and distilled water. No chemicals, dyes, or artificial scent. 

All Purpose Cleaner

Wax Warming Melts

If you have a fragrance warmer that uses wax melts, you will love our all-natural ingredients. Our wax melts contain Himalayan salts which are known to remove negative energy from electronic devices.

We offer a variety of scented waxes for your warmer. Each pack contains 15 wax squares. Feel free to mix and match.

Salted Caramel     Pumpkin Spice    Lime Mojito    Orange Creamsicle     Cocoa Mint

Hot Chocolate     Lavender     Lemon      Cinnamon Hearts     Winter Wonderland     

Pink Grapefruit     Lemon/Lime      Vanilla/Mint     Lavender/Vanilla



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