Pain Relief

Hemp oil, also known as (CBD) Cannabidiol. This is the part of the plant that does not give a “high,” instead it offers pain relieving benefits to users. It is safe and very effective. We use Canadian grown, medical grade CBD oil in our pain relieving salves and products.  

Roll-On Nirvana: Fits neatly in a purse or pocket. The perfect tool for quick relief. Contains: hemp seed oil (CBD), magnesium oil, and 100% peppermint, clove, wintergreen, and helichrysum essential oils. Cooling relief is a roll away!

10 ml $18.00


Mystic Muscle Balm: This hemp rich balm is effective in relieving muscle and joint aches and pain, as well as, burns, wounds, and bruising. Suitable for arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraine, menstrual pain.

Massage into skin, can take 20-30 min to take affect. Enjoy the cooling sensation and peppermint scent. 

Contains: organic coconut oil, arnica butter, hemp derived CBD oil, organic shea butter, beeswax, 100% peppermint, clove, wintergreen, and helichrysum essential oils. 

100 gram regular strength tin: $32.00

100 gram EXTRA strength tin: $42.00

Mystic Massage Oil

Extra strength, and ultra smooth glide for massaging sore muscles. Pump 2-3 times and massage onto skin. May take 20-30 minute to take affect.

Contains: sweet almond oil, magnesium oil, medical grade CBD oil, and essential oils.

50ml bottle: $45.00

Mystic Bath Fizz

Ease sore, tired muscles and body aches while you soak. Each pouch contains: baking soda, cornstarch, dead sea salts, magnesium oil, medical grade CBD oil, pain relieving essential oils, natural colour.

8 oz pouch : $25.00

Bath Bombs with CBD

Each hand crafted bath bomb is infused with magnesium, dead sea salts, and medical grade CBD to ease sore muscles and body aches, and pain.

$12 each

** Please contact us directly to purchase our Mystic products as they are not currently sold online. We accept EFT, paypal payments, all major credit cards.

Shipping in Canada is available upon request. Free shipping on orders over $75.