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Is Medical Marijuana the Miracle Drug?

How do you feel about the legalization of Marijuana? In October of 2018 Canada will legalize pot. There are many pros and cons to this subject, and I believe many kinks will need to be worked out in the process.

But speaking solely from a medical perspective, do you believe in the health benefit claims?

Marijuana has over 100 active components, and it is not only used to get high. The CBD portion (Cannabidiol) contains little or no THC (“high”) and has been used for years for pain relief, seizures, glaucoma, and more. The Cannabidiol is derived from hemp, and you may know that hemp is an awesome plant used to make many things.

According to a Harvard Study, CBD has been effective in relieving multiple sclerosis pain, fibromyalgia nerve pain, and lessen tremors caused by Parkinson’s Disease. This would also include ailments such as arthritis, endometriosis, and migraines.

CBD can be vaped, or taken orally in an oil tincture. The CBD oils can be made into muscle soothing salves, or butters for cooking and so much more.

I think this is just the beginning of what Medical Marijuana can do. When handled by a medical practitioner, it can be beneficial.

What are your feelings on this subject. Feel free to share your views and ideas.

Sources: Harvard Health blog

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