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I Put a Crystal in My Potted Plant and This Happened

Amethyst is my birthstone, so naturally I place them everywhere in my home. One day I felt my window plant needed some decorating, as it was wilting, and pathetic looking.

The next morning I noticed the plant was standing taller, however, I didn’t give it much thought. A few days later though, I noticed the dying plant was now sprouting buds! Hmmm, could the amethyst have something to do with this?

Not entirely convinced, I added a second piece of amethyst to yet another droopy, sad, house plant. Behold, the next day this plant too was perky and thriving!

People close to me know I am notorious for killing innocent house plants. I either over water them, or forget about them entirely and they eventually die. It’s unfortunate, because I love house plants. How do some people’s herbs and flowers flourish?

Well, I now believe I have the answer. Crystals.

After some research I have found the following crystals to be most beneficial to plants – indoor or out. They act like a fertilizer does in giving your plant a boost of energy.

Clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, moss agate, and aventurine.

The best way to find out if this works is test it on your garden and see for yourself. Play around with crystals. If a plant doesn’t respond well to one particular stone, try another one. Eventually you will find the perfect match, and your plants will grow in harmony.


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