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Fragrance – What’s in it,exactly?

I urge you to read the back of your bath and beauty products. Go ahead. Somewhere within the ingredients list, you will see ‘fragrance.’ A bit vague isn’t it?

Fragrance, what does that mean exactly? It means a cocktail of harmful chemicals have been added to your product to mimic a scent. Secondly, these don’t need to be disclosed to the public under the Trade Secret Agreement. Manufacturers are allowed to keep their scent formulas a secret, and they don’t need to list the ingredients, or get FDA approval to add them. Scary isn’t it? So if a manufacturer wanted to add gasoline to their perfume, they could do so without obligations.

Fragrance is a huge problem for our health. Not only do they cause allergies, and skin irritations, they can disrupt hormones, cause infertility, and cancer.

Even the so-called natural products sold in the health food store contain artificial fragrances, dyes, and other chemicals. It’s a dismal truth the big companies don’t want you to know about.

The next time you are at the grocery store, or drug store, have a look at the products you thought were safe. Products like Aveeno, Johnson’s Baby products, even the natural products. I assure you, you will be disappointed in a system we thought were protecting us.

How do we change this?

I don’t trust that these chemicals will be removed anytime soon, which is why I prefer to make my body and home products.

I will be posting more easy-to-make DIY body and cleaning products, so stay tuned for the next blog.

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