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Living in a Wasteful Society

There's no question, we live in a wasteful society. From plastic bags, straws, take-away containers, not to mention the copious amounts of food waste. Our landfills are over loaded, our cities and oceans are littered with rubbish, birds and marine animals are dying from plastic pollution. Statistics say that only 9% of plastics actually make… Continue reading Living in a Wasteful Society

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Why Your Home Should Have These 4 Plants

Are you familiar with how useful house plants are to humans? For one thing, they help cheer up our environment by adding positive energy. If your home is stressful at times, try placing a plant in each room. Plants are also vital in detoxifying our homes from common household chemicals. Commercial cleaning products release harmful… Continue reading Why Your Home Should Have These 4 Plants

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Going Clean in the New Year

When is a good time to clean up your health? Now of course! What a great way to kick of the New Year with organic, all natural, vegan products. As they say, out with the old, and in with the new. Here's how you can make that happen. Ditching the commercial products: Rip off that… Continue reading Going Clean in the New Year

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Creating an Eye Catching Hostess Gift

During the Christmas holidays it's always nice to bring a gift to your hostess. Creating a DIY gift is not only a personal demonstration to show appreciation, you'll save money and can choose what ingredients you put in. Reed diffusers are an attractive way to freshen up a room, and they serve as modern home… Continue reading Creating an Eye Catching Hostess Gift

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Fragrance – What’s in it,exactly?

I urge you to read the back of your bath and beauty products. Go ahead. Somewhere within the ingredients list, you will see 'fragrance.' A bit vague isn't it? Fragrance, what does that mean exactly? It means a cocktail of harmful chemicals have been added to your product to mimic a scent. Secondly, these don't… Continue reading Fragrance – What’s in it,exactly?

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Creating a Natural Holiday Home Scent

With the holidays around the corner, a seasonal home scent is always enjoyed. You can create a cheap and simple home scent in minutes using your household items. Forget the expensive, artificial scents, and create your own, naturally! What you'll need: medium saucepan water spices fresh fruit essential oils Add 2 cups of cold water… Continue reading Creating a Natural Holiday Home Scent