What’s New at Lark & the Lotus?

It’s been a busy new year for Lark & the Lotus and we have been enjoying the growth, and new changes. We’d love to share these updates with you.

We truly believe that making your own products is healthier than buying commercial brands. Why? Because even the most ‘natural’ brands contain some type of chemical. Whether it be dyes or fragrance, these all effect our bodies in a negative way. We have been dedicating much time researching and investigating the chemical compounds found in common personal products, and the results are dismal.

We will not only be sharing this knowledge with you, we will be publishing more of our easy DIY recipes you can create at home.

No need to be intimidated by making-it-yourself. These recipes, we assure you, are super simple and easy.

So watch for our monthly tutorials and recipes. We’d love your feedback and suggestions too. If there is an item you’d like to learn more about, let us know and we will create the perfect recipe!

Best Wishes,

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