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Do No Harm Gardening Tips

Now that summer is upon us, and we are beginning to venture out of self-quarantine, I wanted to share my favourite DIY gardening tips. But before I do, I want to tell you The DIY Apothecary is available online in over 30 international online stores. Once the brick and mortar book stores reopen we will be able to stock our book there as well.

Back to gardening. I prefer to take the chemical-free approach to weeding, and dealing with pests. By ‘Do No Harm,’ no animal, insect, including bees will be harmed. It’s important to think about all the creatures in our eco-system we need have around.

Weeding: Yes weeds can be unsightly in the garden, however many insects and animals rely on these such as bees, butterflies, rabbits, deer, and more. Therefore applying a pesticide to kill weeds is unacceptable. My suggestion; pull out manually, or spray with an organic, natural solution.

  1. Vinegar. My favourite weed killer is pure vinegar. Do not dilute. Add white vinegar to a spray bottle and target dandelions, and crab grass with ease. Within a few days you’ll notice the weeds turning brown and die.

2. Boiled water. Yes, it’s that simple. Boil water in a kettle. Pour over weeds, and repeat. This method is handy when dealing with walkways and garden paths.

Do you have a favourite natural and effective weeding tip? Feel free to share.

Happy gardening!

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