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How to Preserve Your Summer Flowers

Do you have a favourite flower that you wish could bloom forever? Why not take your summer flowers and turn them into something you can continue to enjoy for weeks, and months to come?

Floral water is easy to make, and the perfect way to preserve those fresh cut blossoms. Floral waters can be used as a room spray, linen freshener, reed diffuser water, or perfume!

Here is our easy DIY recipe.

What you’ll need is a crock pot, distilled water, cheese cloth, and your favourite flowers.

  • Add the cut flowers to a clean, dry crockpot. Do not add leaves or stems.
  • Cover the flowers with distilled water.
  • Place your crockpot setting to the lowest setting.
  • Cover and let steep for 24 hours.


Strain the mixture into a cheesecloth, keeping the liquid and discarding the flowers.

Pour into a clean glass jar or empty spray bottle. Fill half the container with the flower water, add 1 TBSP vodka to preserve, and fill the remains of the container with filtered or distilled water.






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