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Satisfying Rainy day activities

As a maker, and DIY'er I relish rainy days, because this gives me a guilt-free day of creating. You don't have to be a pro to tackle these projects, plus, these are fun activities to do with your kids or bored teens. Create a Vision Board This is great for students and people who want… Continue reading Satisfying Rainy day activities


Deter Mosquitoes Naturally With This Tip

Mosquito bites aren't fun, and if you enjoy being outdoors during the summer months, protection from mosquitoes is important. Mosquitoes are active in Ontario from about May-September. They are annoying, and their bites can cause itching and swelling. This can also lead to infection and scarring you pick or scratch at the bite. Other biting… Continue reading Deter Mosquitoes Naturally With This Tip

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How to Preserve Your Summer Flowers

Do you have a favourite flower that you wish could bloom forever? Why not take your summer flowers and turn them into something you can continue to enjoy for weeks, and months to come? Floral water is easy to make, and the perfect way to preserve those fresh cut blossoms. Floral waters can be used… Continue reading How to Preserve Your Summer Flowers