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A Year of Reflection

The Christmas season and upcoming New Year is a great time for reflection and acknowledgement of experiences both good and challenging.

As you notice I did not say bad experiences, because I don’t believe there are any “bad.” Instead I view all experiences as a chance for self discovery and self improvement.

Lark & the Lotus had another great year, so thank you for your business and continued support.

Many new products were launched this year, as well as an expansion of our candle line.

We have our products in even more stores across Ontario, and recently joined Faire wholesale, which is very exciting.

Meeting new people along the way has been truly rewarding. I cherish all of the new relationships both professional and personal made in 2022.

For myself, there have been some challenges this year. Both children moved out to College and University, creating what is called the Empty Nest. It hasn’t been easy, but I continue to navigate this loss and push forward.

With the New Year around the corner, there is always hope in positive changes and personal growth. I wish you all a happy and successful year, filled with laughter, healthy and happiness.

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