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Going Clean in the New Year

When is a good time to clean up your health? Now of course! What a great way to kick of the New Year with organic, all natural, vegan products. As they say, out with the old, and in with the new. Here's how you can make that happen. Ditching the commercial products: Rip off that… Continue reading Going Clean in the New Year

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The Healing Power of Crystals

Did you know the colourful, sparkly, rocks we call crystals are more than just an eye catching bobble? That they hold powerful energies, both positive and negative? Crystals have been used in healing practices for thousands of years. It is believed that the early Sumerians, and Egyptians often used crystals for health and protection. If… Continue reading The Healing Power of Crystals

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Simple Ways to Detox Your Home on a Budget

If you've been considering making your home more eco-friendly and non-toxic, but don't know where to start....there is hope. About 12 years ago I made a decision to cut out all toxic cleaners and chemicals from my home. But this didn't happen overnight. I'm not suggesting throwing out all of your cleaning products and buying… Continue reading Simple Ways to Detox Your Home on a Budget