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Is Medical Marijuana the Miracle Drug?

How do you feel about the legalization of Marijuana? In October of 2018 Canada will legalize pot. There are many pros and cons to this subject, and I believe many kinks will need to be worked out in the process. But speaking solely from a medical perspective, do you believe in the health benefit claims? Marijuana… Continue reading Is Medical Marijuana the Miracle Drug?

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The Healing Power of Crystals

Did you know the colourful, sparkly, rocks we call crystals are more than just an eye catching bobble? That they hold powerful energies, both positive and negative? Crystals have been used in healing practices for thousands of years. It is believed that the early Sumerians, and Egyptians often used crystals for health and protection. If… Continue reading The Healing Power of Crystals

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Essential Oils Great For Humans, Not So For Pets.

If you've been enjoying the benefits of essential oils, you're not alone. Essential oils have made a big comeback into the home. The popular oil diffusers, and burners are very trendy right now, and although they have many positive health benefits for us humans; they can be quite toxic to pets. Cats especially lack the… Continue reading Essential Oils Great For Humans, Not So For Pets.

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How to Preserve Your Summer Flowers

Do you have a favourite flower that you wish could bloom forever? Why not take your summer flowers and turn them into something you can continue to enjoy for weeks, and months to come? Floral water is easy to make, and the perfect way to preserve those fresh cut blossoms. Floral waters can be used… Continue reading How to Preserve Your Summer Flowers

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Natural Ways to Keep the Bugs Away

Do no harm to the bugs, but we can still keep them away safely. Essential oils are an effective way to keep your patio and porch mosquito, ant, and spider free all summer. I will share with you my secret recipe. DIY Bug Off Spray 1 clean and empty spray bottle (approx. 30 oz.) 30… Continue reading Natural Ways to Keep the Bugs Away

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Simple Ways to Detox Your Home on a Budget

If you've been considering making your home more eco-friendly and non-toxic, but don't know where to start....there is hope. About 12 years ago I made a decision to cut out all toxic cleaners and chemicals from my home. But this didn't happen overnight. I'm not suggesting throwing out all of your cleaning products and buying… Continue reading Simple Ways to Detox Your Home on a Budget

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3 Ingredient All-Purpose Cleaner DIY

If you're goal is to remove household toxins and chemicals, here is an easy DIY all-purpose cleaner. It is my absolute favourite! Not only is it effective in cleaning, shining, and cutting grease, but it smells fantastic. The bonus, it's 100% all natural. Here's what you need: Easy DIY All-Purpose Cleaner 5 organic oranges Distilled… Continue reading 3 Ingredient All-Purpose Cleaner DIY